Worried About Pests In Your Home?

January 25th, 2011

The Pest Repeller Ultimate AT from Good Life

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Are You Worried About Pests Coming Into Your Home?



The Pest Repeller Ultimate AT

“Then You Are Not Alone”

If your answer was ‘yes’, you are not alone and the  Good Life Company could have  the answer for you.

Allow me to introduce you to Good Life’s Pest Repeller Ultimate, quite possibly the ultimate electronic pest repeller on the market.


Let’s talk about the different types of pest control available on the market.

Basically we have three options:

  1. Non Chemical pest control (sonic, plug in device, hard wired device)
  2. Chemical pest control (pyrethrins, insecticides, DDT)
  3. Biological Methods (other animals that eat the pest in question)

The easiest to use and most common method is the electric pest repeller which you plug directly into an electric socket.

Once plugged in, it starts to work straight away.

These plug in repellers are best for the home or office as they do not need any assembly or special wiring to start working.

No muss, no fuss… these pest repellers are the easiest to use and are very convenient.

Unfortunately not all of them repel insects and rodents like they claim on the box…

This is where Good Life’s Pest Repeller Ultimate is different, very different.

It does exactly what it says it will do, it repels pests.

When you plug your Good Life device in it immediately starts sending out electromagnetic pulses which create high frequency sound (inaudible to humans, dogs and cats) through the wiring in your home effectively driving unwanted pests (mice, rats, squirrels, ants, roaches) out of the walls of your home and out of your home for good.

This device is very safe to use around house pets* and children so once installed there is no need to worry, just let the Pest Repeller Ultimate rid your home or office of unwanted guests (I mean pests).

*If mice or rats are the house hold pets, it is not advised to use the Pest Repeller Ultimate as the animals will be affected and unable to get away from the sound.


Making Time For Pest and Insect Control


Pest Control

Rodents and insects make up the majority of most home owners pest problems and making time for pest control is truly a pain especially if your plan of attack is pesticides, foggers, bug bombs, etc…

With the Good Life Pest Repeller Ultimate, all those methods will be a thing of the past.

Just plug the Pest Repeller AT in one time and the work of controlling the pests in your home is done.

Yes, it’s that easy.

If you have questions about the Pest Repeller Ultimate, Good Life has a fantastic customer service department and also offers a thirty day money guarantee if you are not happy with the product.

As a consumer who has benefited from this product, all I can say is… it does work.

The Pest Repeller Ultimate is designed for indoor applications as it does operate throughout the household electrical circuits producing irritating electromagnetic pulse which drive away common household pests.

Oh yeah, its environmentally friendly as well.

Good Life offers a variety of pest repellers that can be used outside as well as inside, The Guardian being the most popular of this type.

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Pest Repeller Ultimate: 4 in 1 Indoor Pest Repeller

January 25th, 2011

The Ultimate Indoor Pest Repeller


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The Pest Repeller Ultimate II

Repells Pests with Super Sonic and Electro-Vibrawave™ Technology


Pest Repeller Ultimate II

The 4 in 1 Ultimate Indoor Pest Repeller

The Pest Repeller Ultimate® II is conveniently small and boasts a combination of three advanced, contractor-grade, electronic pest controls.

Electromagnetic, Ultrasonic and Ionic technologies that reach deep into walls where pests hide, bombarding them with deterring sound waves, irritating vibrations and negative charges.

Unparalleled in effectiveness, when you envision a secure home and office, you see the Pest Repeller Ultimate® II plugged into your wall.

Schools, water plants and distributors worldwide are already enjoying a pest-free environment and cleaner air with this famed digital unit.

Our worldwide customers’ favorite pest repelling device is the new and improved Pest Repeller Ultimate II® Digital.

Not only does this innovative unit cover a wide range of insects and rodents, but it repels the pests that swarm your home with the latest electronic pest control technology on the market.

Using advanced digital circuitry, the Pest Repeller Ultimate II® transforms your entire home or office into a gigantic pest repeller by covering up to 2000 square feet.

This humane and toxin-free pest repeller includes the ultimate convenience with a built-in surge protector and night light.

Sleep safe knowing an army of ants won’t march over your body.

Your children and pets will be safe from spiders and cockroaches.

Imagine living comfortably again.


Enjoy 4 Amazing Features In 1 Compact Device

1.      Super Sonic Ultrasonic Pest Control

The Pest Repeller Ultimate® II pumps out powerful ultrasonic frequencies inaudible to human ears but unavoidable to small pests like insects and rodents.

Similar to a loud siren, the ultrasonic sound waves constantly fluctuate and pulsate on and off, making it impossible for pests to ignore the deterring sounds.

This Super Sonic technology helps safeguard your home, office, food and bare feet from pests.


Ultrasonic Sound Waves

2.      Electro-Vibrawave™ Technology

Our Electro-Vibrawave™ technology penetrates deep within your walls by traveling through the electric wiring throughout your establishment.

By shifting the electric signal within your wiring, this exclusive Electro-Vibrawave feature emits irritating intermittent vibrations that drive out pests most products cannot reach.

Completely safe to use, this revolutionary technology turns your home or office into a fortress against pests.

3.      Ionic Pest Control Technology


With a Night Light

The Pest Repeller Ultimate II pushes out a constant stream of negative ions that pull pollutants, bacteria and odors from the air to purify the oxygen in your home or office.

This digital pest control also drives away rodents and insects from ants, cockroaches, spiders and more by eliminating food odors that attract pests.

4.      Night Light

This beneficial night light is easy on the eyes and creates a soft  glow – mildly illuminating dark hallways and rooms for easy nighttime movement.

To learn more about the above product features, click on these links:

Electromagnetic Pest Control
Outdoor Pest Control

Economical and Safe

  • · Durable
  • · Low energy cost
  • · No chemicals
  • · Safe for humans, pets and electronics
  • · Indicator lights blink when unit is operating
  • · Can be plugged in upside down


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The Pest Repeller Ultimate: Ultra-Ionic Pest Control Technology

January 25th, 2011

The Pest Repeller Ultimate




What Makes  Good Life’s Pest Repeller Different That The Others?

Imagine the electricity you feel right before a thunder storm – it’s a daunting sensation.

The Ultimate AT creates a similar feeling by emitting a stream of negative ions that charge the air and force pests to seek shelter elsewhere.

The same negative ions pull pollutants such as odors, bacteria and dust mites from the atmosphere and purify the air you breathe.

As you take a deep breath of fresh air, know your home is also cleansed of filthy insects and rodents.


The Pest Repeller Ultimate® SG employs three pest control technologies for ultimate pest repelling power:

1. Electromagnetic Pest Control

Electromagnetic waves conveniently travel along the wiring throughout your home or office, warding off pests hiding within your walls and penetrating areas other pest control products cannot reach.

This unique technology bombards insects and rodents with irritating vibrations.

The hostile environment frightens away pests and transforms your establishment into one massive pest repeller.

Safe, simple and smart.

2. Ultrasonic Pest Control

Our ultrasonic technology has been completely upgraded to push out powerful ultrasonic sound waves that are inaudible to humans but unbearable to insects and rodents.

Completely harmless and environmentally-friendly, this special technique uses different frequencies to constantly drive out pests.

Not recommended if you have a pet rodent.

3. Ionic Pest Control Technology

In a third wave if attack, our pest repeller pumps out negative ions that destroy pollutants, dust mites and odors in the air you breathe.

By purifying the air, the ions also drive off pests by eliminating food smells that attract rodents and insects like ants, cockroaches, spiders and more.

You don’t have to safeguard your food anymore.

Leave it out.

4. Night-light

We make nocturnal movement easy by installing a neon blue light on the pest repeller unit.

With a light sensor, the night-light automatically turns on and off or can be controlled manually.

Never stub your toe again on your way to the bathroom.


The Ultimate Pest Repeller: Positive Reviews For The Pest Repeller Ultimate

November 16th, 2010



Pest Repeller Ultimate:

Pest Control Testimonials


Our Schnoodle

Ok, I tried other brands and the rodents kept coming into the walls and floor of our manufactured home. We couldn’t use products like decon because of the small Schnoodle we have. Bottom line … I haven’t heard from the creatures since buying 2 of the Ultimates and one larger unit ( The Guardian ) for under the front porch! It is noticeably quiet now! Thanks for making a product that REALLY does what it says it will do.” Frankie P. – Christiansburg, VA

I would just like to thank you for your great service! I received my order ( Ultimate ATs ) in about 4 days and my “bug problem” seems to have reduced already! Many thanks!”
Robert L. – New Zealand


Good Life Customer Service

Maybe you have to do as much ‘net shopping’ as I do in order to really be able to compare customer service from place to place. What I said still stands – you’re really good. And if your company employs really good people who care about doing what they’re paid to do, that alone steers folks like myself away from doing business with companies who drop the customer service ball. After all, ‘net shopping means we don’t get to see a product before we buy or talk face to face with a sales person re the product’s effectiveness. Thanks for such a speedy, detailed and comprehensive response to my email everything I need to know! Good customer service is unusual these days. Thanks again!”
Valeria P. – Pennsylvania



Thank you so much for taking so much time to talk with me this evening, you were a great help to me. As I told you on the phone I have been dealing with a horrible infestation of fleas or possibly, as we discussed, bedbugs. I also have spent in excess of $ 2000.00 since spring with no result. The AT insect repellers I purchased and installed only yesterday already are doing a wonderful job! I had a good night sleep last night for the first time in many months.


I am so happy with the units received yesterday I have ordered 4 additional units and will happily cancel my contract with my pest control company tomorrow. Thank you once again for all of your help! I look forward to receiving your product and ridding my home of insects forever!”

Deirdre M. – Smithtown, NY


Bambi In Garden

Thank you so much for helping me order more Guardians. They are extremely effective in protecting against the Bambi population that would like to use my garden for their personal 24- hour Buffet. While my two-year-old grandson was visiting I turned off the Guardian that was protecting my tomatoes and peppers (the sound and light frightened him). In the excitement of the visit I forgot to turn the alarm back on. The next morning I found deer nipped branches on the tomatoes and the tops of the peppers. The alarm is back on 24 hours a day and no more carnage has ensued. We have just re-landscaped a 100 ft bed along our west property line and need to use the next two Guardians to protect the rhododendrons, hydrangeas, and dogwoods. Great Product!”
Jane D. – Zanesville, Ohio


Happy Customer

It has been a pleasure buying from Good Life even though I returned my purchase. Sometimes Customer Service is more important than the purchase itself. The prompt crediting of my card surprised me to the point that I needed to thank Good Life for excellent service. My card was credited within 4 days after receipt of my return. I would buy again from Good Life.
Jack G. – Meridian ID


Pest Repeller Ultimate

Pest Repeller Ultimate Review: The Guardian

November 6th, 2010



Pest Repeller Ultimate:

Click Here for Info on The Guardian

The Guardian by Good Life LLC

The Guardian is the pest control industry’s first indoor/outdoor pest repeller and carefully designed with a tremendous amount of research and investment.

The Guardian encompasses every conventional and innovative pest-repelling technique while staying completely affordable.


Audible Sound Waves

This humane device emits different noise frequencies to ward off pests instead of using poisonous chemicals, making it the safest and most environmentally friendly pest repeller on the market.

You can custom set The Guardian to fit any of your pest problem needs with a simple set of controls.

The Guardian even offers services beyond repelling pests like working as an intruder alarm with a protective police-like siren.

This feature packed pest repeller offers the latest in technology and is unparalleled in success.

Good Life has several patents protecting The Guardian’s superior technology and we are confident it will take years before the competition catches up.

Twelve Features in One Premium Unit!


Good Life Guardian for Outdoors

Indoor Pest Control
Works great in the attic for bat or squirrel problems as well as below the house for rodent problems. Can also be used in the house as a personal safety device
Outdoor Pest Control
Use the Guardian™ on your porch, patio, front yard, bark yard, shed, or storage building to repel most common outdoor pests.
Personal Safety Device
With the motion trigger set to your preferred sensitivity, any movement by a burglar will elicit a police-like siren and flashing strobe light – assuring any intruder is long gone in moments. Use it indoors while you’re on vacation or outdoors while you sleep.
Motion Sensor Mode
The Guardian™ has an exclusive adjustable motion sensor that lets you repel pests from up to 100 away.
Adjustable Sensor Sensitivity
You may adjustable the motion sensor to repel pests anywhere from 5 – 100 away.
Continuous Activation Mode
For pests that are too small to activate the motion sensor, we’ve added a Continuous Mode that will emit the pest repelling sounds or strobe light constantly.
Select a Pest™ Technology
With our exclusive Select A Pest™ technology, you can set The Guardian™ to repel a specific pest. Now you can get rid of that skunk under your deck without sending your pet bird into a frenzy.
Exclusive Key Chain Remote
The Guardian™ is the only pest repeller to include a convenient remote control that allows you to activate the Guardian from up to 75 ft away!
Sonic (Audible) Mode
Powerful alarm that is audible to humans. Best used outside or inside when using the Guardian as a personal safety device.
Ultrasonic (Inaudible) Mode
This mode emits sounds that are inaudible to humans. Best used when the Guardian is used indoors or outdoors when you do not want the sound to be heard.
Strobe Light
Powerful flashing light that can be used with the sonic/ultrasonic sounds or by itself.
Triple Power Option
Power your Guardian by: 1) Batteries, 2) AC Adapter, or 3) Rechargeable Battery Pack (sold separately)

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The Pest Repeller SG

Other products from Good Life LLC include The Bird Gard Pro, The Dog Silencer Pro and a variety of ultrasonic and conventional pest control devices.

Every electronic pest control device produced by Good Life all utilize Good Life’s “Three Pest Control Technologies”.


Three Pest Control Technologies

Pest Control Information Links

This page links you to information on Pests and Pest specific Pest Control.

Taking some simple and easy steps to Control Pests is an important part of the Pest Repeller Program and optimizes the use of its Electronic Pest Control Products.

The Use of our Electronic Pest Control Products and these necessary steps are known as Integrated Pest Management.

If you follow the Household Pest Control Suggestions and use our Electronic Pest Control Products you will see optimal pest repeller results and conquer your Pest infestations.

One side effect you will have a safer, healthier and of course pest free environment for you and your family.

Rat & Mice (Rodent) Control

Ant Control

Spider Control

Roach Control

Flea Control

Fly Control

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Sony Rewards


Pest Repeller Ultimate

Pest Repeller Ultimate Review: Pest Repeller Ultimate AT

November 6th, 2010



Pest Repeller Ultimate:

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Pest Repeller Ultimate AT

Click Here For The Pest Repeller Ultimate AT

The Ultimate AT is our newest and strongest pest repeller with tremendous ion pumping power and louder ultrasonic sound waves that no pest can escape.

Totally redesigned with a built-in plug on the side for outlet versatility, this revolutionary pest control unit turns your home or office into a fortress against pests.

Right now you may be counting the seconds before you see your next cockroach or ant, but with the Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT you’ll never have to look twice again.


German Roach

The Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT Offers:



High Pressure Ultrasonic Frequencies:

We use the most modern Ultrasonic technology and equipment.

The high pressure energy transducer pulses powerful ultrasonic frequencies that ricochet off walls and objects so the sound is impossible to avoid.

Although the frequencies are inaudible to humans and most large animals, rodents and insects get pounded by the daunting sound constantly.

What would life be like without pests?

Find out with the Ultimate AT.

Second Generation Electro-Vibrawave®:

The all new Electro-Vibrawave® technology uses Electromagnetic waves that flow through your wiring to repel pests nesting behind walls and inside cracks.

Feel comfortable knowing pests you can’t even see are being driven out in floods.

This method is completely safe and environmentally-friendly.


Problem Ants

Ultra-Ionic™ Pest Control Technology:

Imagine the electricity you feel right before a thunder storm – it’s a daunting sensation.

The Ultimate AT creates a similar feeling by emitting a stream of negative ions that charge the air and force pests to seek shelter elsewhere.

The same negative ions pull pollutants such as odors, bacteria and dust mites from the atmosphere and purify the air you breathe.

As you take a deep breath of fresh air, know your home is also cleansed of filthy insects and rodents.

Bright Blue LED:

This energy-conserving night light automatically illuminates dark corners and hallways with a soft glow.

Now you can walk through your house for a midnight snack without bumping into objects.

If you’d rather not use the night light, no problem.

You can turn it on or off with the click of a switch.

A/C Pass Through (Extra Plug In)

We take convenience to a new level.

Remember how annoying it is when a bulky appliance takes up your entire wall socket?

Even though the Ultimate AT is attractively compact, we added an extra plug-in on the side of the unit so you have an additional socket for any electrical device



Pest Repeller Ultimate:

Click Here for Info on The Guardian